How Did We Get Here? Our Story- Grade 1 to Proposal

9:15 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

As per my last post, I was not sure how to begin?  Hopefully, the quick intro gave you a little insight into who this random blogger is!  I thought I would continue on by sharing how Becky ( Neeta) and I got to this point.

 I mentioned that we have been married for two years ( look at the wedding pic, am I lucky or what!)  and we have been together since 2002.  What is interesting though, is that I actually met her for the first time in 1983!!! We were in the same grade one class at Woodbine Elementary school.  Becky moved away in Grade 4 and I never saw her again until fate brought us back together in 2002. 

  We met again at our mutual friend's wedding on 09/1/2002.  After a few hours of trying to win her attention, I kind of freaked her out when I finally realized that I remembered her from Grade 1, twenty years before.  People that know me will attest that I have a photographic memory so this was not out of the ordinary. Unfortunately, she laughed and confirmed that she did not remember me. ( I still tease her that she likely had the biggest Grade 1 crush on me, but would not admit

  Well, we have been together since.  After about 5 years of dating, ( I know, this is a LONG time...) I proposed to her.  After about of year of dating, Becky jokingly drew her dream engagement ring on the back of a coaster one night.  She thought it was thrown out, but I slid that piece of paper into my pocket and saved it for another four years.  When the time was right, I pulled the drawing out and went on a long search for a replica of this ring.  When I realized that this ring was not to be found, I had it custom made at a local jeweler. 

( 11/5/2009-As requested by And Then There Were Three, I have attached the original coaster and the ring!)

 I wanted the proposal to be memorable, so I figured out a keen plan.  I called the principal of Woodbine Elementary (where we went to school in Grade 1) and arranged to get access to the same classroom we shared in 1983.  As school was just about to start for the fall, the only person in the school was the custodian ( who was the exact same gent that worked there when I went to this school 20 years before..!) who let me in as per the arrangement.  I told Becky that I had to "drop off some papers" to the principal, who was a "client" of my office. ( I know, I had to lie...but she would have thought something was up!)   I came back out and told her that the custodian said we could look around, and having not been in the school for many years, she agreed it would be fun.  After a brief tour, I finally got to our original classroom and I proposed! 

The surprise worked....she said yes!

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  1. Then There Were Three said...

    Do u still have the coaster? If so, post a pic and with the ring! I love stories like this :)

  2. CalgaryDaddy said...

    I sure do! Ill dig it out tonight and post it in the morning! Thanks for posting and for all od your help. 6 followers already! Wow!

  3. Anna said...

    Shane, we think you are going to be the best daddy! We've nominated you for the Dad2Be Blogger Awards too! Good Luck!


  4. CalgaryDaddy said...

    Wow Anna, thank you so much! I am really lost for words....

  5. Nicole said...

    Thanks to Anna pointing out the blogger awards, I've nominated you as well =D

  6. CalgaryDaddy said...

    Nicole, you are the best! If my wife was not the one with all of the hormones right now, I would probably get all emotional! Thanks again, I better get some more quality posts up and some followers to this blog!

    And once Nicole helps me with my graphics, we will be all good visually!


  7. humpsNbump said...

    That is such an adorable story. I love it. A friend of mine just mentioned yesterday how important the engagement story is. (I wouldn't know! LOL) I'm so impressed by yours. :)

    ~ humps

  8. Kaitlin said...

    Congrats to you and your wife on the baby! I can't wait to follow you on your journey!

    Kaitlin @ Ah... The Married Life <3

  9. alybean said...

    Awwww! How sweet and original! Just added you to my blog roll.Nice to have a man's point of view on parenting.

    My Hodge Podge Life

  10. Shandal said...

    Cute story!

  11. Ted said...

    Dude...that's awesome.

    I remember Woodbine all too well and just love the story that you two met up like that after so long.

    I remember Becky too...I think my 8yr old self had a crush on her!!

    Way to make her feel special. Best luck in your unpolitical future.

  12. Shasta said...

    So sweet! You snagged a beautiful bride!

  13. ejrichter60 at gmail dot com said...

    OK..I am catching up here as a new reader...THAT was an incredible engagement story! Your wife is a beauty and you are a sentimental "sap" are BOTH very lucky and then to add such a precious little is right out of an LMN movie!

  14. Anonymous said...

    This is beautiful. What a lovely proposal -- you're so thoughtful. :)

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