Christmas Party Season...what a tough time to be pregnant!

10:05 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

 I must admit that I am so proud of my wife!  As we approach the holiday season, I wonder how hard it must be for pregnant women as they cannot "partake" in the so called Christmas Cheer that is abundant at this time of year! 

 This weekend, my wife and I attended my annual company Christmas party and I must say, I was impressed.  Usually, she is so tired on Friday nights that she is usually down for the count by 9pm at the absolute latest, but she surprised my by holding strong until past 11pm that night!   I cannot imagine how hard it must be for her to stay up on her feet for 8 hours teaching Grade 1 children every day, never mind the fact that she is now 8 months pregnant.  I honestly don't think I could do it.

  Anyone that knows Becky can attest to her love the odd beer or glass of wine.  The fact that she cannot drink must make these Christmas functions all the more entertaining for her.  I can imagine that there is nothing as fun as sitting stone cold sober in a room full of half drunk office creatures.  That said, I am still shocked that she held on until 11pm as she saw that I was having a good time.  Now I must confess that I did not realize that it was that late and I was actually planning on leaving around 9pm. know how these things go. 

  I have a new found respect for women who trudge through their workdays and continue to have a social life late into their pregnancy.  I now know that this is not easy and I will look at my wife in a completely different light going forward.  ( And not just as the designated driver!) 

What a trooper!


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  1. The Mommyologist said...

    She's a trooper for sure! I could barely get off the couch at 8 months pregnant!

  2. CityBrokers said...

    Advice (I know, unsolicited... but one gets a lot of that during a pregnancy)... dispense with the cumbersome, heavy, annoying strollers and get a baby sling and then a baby carrier. I had a fabric 'Snuggly,' which I bought for $20 at a garage sale, used it for THREE kids and in each case, until the kids were 2.5 - 3 in one case - years old. Strollers are a pain in the butt and babies need to be held, not placed in plastic.

    Same goes for baby carriers... Car seat absolutely but baby (IMO) should go from safe car seat to also safe, warm, next-to-mom or dad baby sling or carrier.

    Good carriers are fabric and have a waist-level tie or belt so that your 20lb one year old's weight is on your hips, not your shoulders.

    Good carriers also can be worn with babe in front until they're capable of holding their head up and on the back once they're strong enough that your walking won't bounce their neck.

    RE the stroller, try it out - take a bulky stroller to the mall or to Winners to test how annoying it is.

    Then imagine how nice it will be to have your babe safely next to you (where oblivious shoppers won't back over them or fall into said stroller), warm and probably sound asleep listening to your heart - and your hands will be free and you'll be able to go up and down escalators.

    Oh... and when random people tell you you can spoil your baby by holding them too much? Don't listen. That is not true. Last week, my babies were babies. This week? 25, 22 and 20... I blinked and yeah....

  3. Momma Sunshine said...

    I found that when I was pregnant (both times) that I was actually turned off alcohol. I didn't miss it at all, even though I wasn't ill or anything. It's weird how the human body works.

    I remember the exhaustion like it was yesterday...although that's not likely to get any better after the baby comes, at least not for the first several months. But sssh...don't tell her I said that. ;-)

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