2 Days Until Baby Due Date!

5:58 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Happy Pre-New Year Everyone!  Taddy's arrival is supposed to be tomorrow, New Years Eve!  I really cannot believe how fast these past 9 months have gone by!  I thought I would send out a quick post in case we get sidetracked with Taddy's arrival!

 I think we are all set.  The room is done ( except for the border I ordered on 12/2/2009 and still has not arrived.) the car seat is in and my wife is packing her bag tonight!

I am getting excited!


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Christmas With Our Fur-Babies!

9:58 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Well we made it through Christmas without going into labour, so my wife is super pleased!  We now have less than 3 days to go! 

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I thought I would post some cute video's that I took of our "Fur-Babies", mainly because they are funny, but really because I wanted to practice loading/uploaded videos from YouTube onto the blog! 

 I am not very tech savvy, so I thought I would start practicing in anticipation of Taddy's arrival.  We bought Becky's parents a Sony Digital Video Camera for Christmas with the built in hard drive thingy...I am jealous as I am still rocking the 2007 DV Video Tape model!  Oh well, maybe I will win one on a blog give away soon!  If I figure it out, I would also love to start Vlogging like those cool mom-bloggers at GoodGollyMissBlondie and KariewithaK.  I think that technology is pretty cool. That and the fact that I never met a camera I didn't like. ( j/k...well, kinda.)

  Anyways...here are some quick videos!

1) Copper loves opening presents as much as his Mommy! 

2) This is my other Puppan "Pebbles", complete with her recent $3,000 eye in play fight mode with our cat Roo! 

I think my wife spends a fortune on presents for the animals, but she just loves them so much! Do you wrap presents for your animals?  Is a stocking for the cats and dogs too much?  We don't think so.  Recession?  What recession! 


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Merry Christmas From Canada! ( a/k/a Santa, Elvis the Elf and Back Bacon Sandwiches!)

8:04 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Eilerts Jul Everyone!

  It is a misconception that Canadians and Americans do not know that much about one another.  We share many similar cultural phenomenons including McDonald's, Celine Dion, Micheal Buble, the Internet and Nickelback. ( Uggg....you can have them though!)   Some people are shocked to learn that while we have a different day for Thanksgiving, our Christmas Holiday's mysteriously fall on the same day as our American friends.  While Canadians still practice most of the same Christmas traditions as the Americans, I thought I would share some of the Canadian Christmas nuances with our American friends!  Here are some of my thoughts:

  • Not many people know that Santa is actually a Canadian as he is from the North Pole.  Like most good Canadians, he always leaves the country for fame and recognition, only to come back for its Peace, Order and Good Government...not to mention the free health care! 

  • Many people in Canada believe that in addition to being a wonderful singer of Christmas songs, Elvis Presley was actually one of Santa's most trusted elves.  It is believed that Santa appointed Elvis as a famous singer so he could distribute gifts to the people that Santa missed.  Many people think Elvis was just being generous when he gave away cars and jewellery to total strangers, but he was really just completing Santa's delivery list. 

  • It is a Christmas tradition in Canada to dress up as Elvis ( as I have above) and sing Christmas Songs.  The sewing of Elvis Christmas costumes was once the third largest export from Canada after talented Alan Thicke, maple syrup and Cirque du Soleil!  In memory of Elvis the Santa Elf, we also like to make Fried Peanut Butter and Back Bacon Sandwiches on Christmas morning.  Yummy! 

  • No Canadian Christmas morning would be complete without the Elvis dance off.  Before you can open your presents, everyone must gather in a circle around the Christmas tree and break off your best Elvis moves!  The winner gets to be the first to open a present and is allowed to have extra sugar sauce on their deep fried turkey that night!  I have been practicing for months...so wish me luck!
 I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas or as we say in Canada...Eilerts Jul! ( In the Canadian language, this means "Elvis Christmas")

Note:  If you have not already clicked the "back" button on your screen... As you are probably aware, I am completely joking about this!  We don't eat back bacon in Canada....


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My Wife Is Like a 10 Year Old At Christmas! And I Love it!

9:11 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

This is pretty much what my wife is like on Christmas Eve! 

 Becky loves to sleep in whenever she can. She just LOVES it.  You would never now this about her based on her excitement on Christmas Eve!  She usually runs around the house, shaking, smelling and feeling the presents in an attempt to guess what the wrapped gift really is.  It has become so bad that I have to disguise the presents in other types of boxes in an attempt to throw her off track!

 On Christmas morning, she will wake up at 4am, sometimes later now that we are in our early 30's. ( Think 5am max!)   She wants a quick coffee...then its on! 

If Taddy is anything like his/her Momma...I will be the dad in the video yelling "GET BACK TO BED" in a few years! 


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Most Annoying Christmas Song....Ever?

8:30 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Most Annoying ( and catchy I must admit) Christmas Song ever?  I Want A Hippopotamus For Christmas!  I had never heard this song until our local phone company, Telus, started playing this song in heavy Christmas rotation a few years ago.  While I used to think it was cute, (well, for the first 312 times I heard it) I cannot stand it any more.  It makes me want to plug my ears with the dough from some buttery shortbread mix.  I know that kids love the high pitched voice and the catchy tune, but it really has passed its best before date to me!

 On that note, I could not resist adding the cheesiest Christmas Video of all time!  I think it has to be Wham!'s "Last Christmas" for sure.  What the hell does this video have to do with Christmas?  George Micheal staring longingly at a female? He should have won an Oscar for this performance. I guess there is nothing quite like 80's fromage to get you in the holiday spirit! 

What gets your vote as the cheesiest Christmas song or video of all time? 

Happy Tuesday!

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Parenting Class Adventures: Placenta Encapsulation

11:24 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Note: Friends, I know that it is the Christmas Season and I  hate to disappoint you, but this is NOT a giveaway of some woman's Encapsulated Placenta. While this placenta "gift pack" picture on the left is appealing, I am all good if anyone wanted to get me a last minute gift.

 Just when I thought I heard it all!

 A few weeks ago, our baby class instructor discussed the benefits of something called "Moxibustion", which is the burning of incense near the mom's baby toes as a method of turning a breech baby around.  (I have the post and video here if you are interested.) While I kind of laughed about it, this next topic really takes the cake!

 Apparently, you can hire someone in your area to take your placenta home with them where they will cook it in their oven and make tasty pills for you to take after the baby is born.  I am not making this up...stay with me here!  I guess some people believe that the placenta, after it is seasoned and cooked on the BBQ can do wonders for Postpartum Depression.  While there is nothing funny about PPD, I think the thought of burnt placenta pills is enough to turn this Albertan into a bona-fide vegetarian.

 What's that?  You don't have anyone in your area that specializes in the cremation of placentas?  Well, will be pleased to know that you can order your own DO-IT-YOURSELF kit here.  I wish I was making this up.  I would love to get the instructions to post on here as a holiday treat! 

Man, these "baby classes" just keep on getting stranger and stranger.

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Thank You For Voting For Me!

9:05 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who voted for me in the Pregnancy Corner "FaveDad2Be" blog award category.  I had a ton you pulling for me but we fell just short.  Thanks to all of you, we made it a super close race and we finished in second place! Congratulations to the winner Anthony and to Kenny for a fun competition.  They both have excellent blogs ( Based on her laughter, I kind of suspect that my wife actually prefers Kenny's blog humour to mine) and they have some excellent posts.  Well Done!

 I was shocked when I received word that some of you ( particularly BloggerMommies and GrudgeMom)  had initially nominated me for this award.  I was even more shocked when I made final three.  I had only started this blog less than a month ago, so I was definitely behind in site recognition.  However, each day seemed to bring more and more visitors and even more hilarious comments.  I have stated many times that I have the best commentators and I look forward to seeing what you have to say about my daily hacks. 

 I appreciate everyone that tweeted, Re-Tweeted, Face-booked my site and spread the word for me.  I was shocked to find that one night, upwards of thirty different people had been using their own networks of friends ( and in two languages no less) to try to pull some votes my way.  I am amazed by the power of social media and its rapid effect on communication.   I was really humbled and thankful for this experience.  While I may not have deserved to win, I realized that I truly have the best readers and social media friends in  all of the inter-webs!   I hope I can return the favor to you one day.

 I look forward to posting more things that make me laugh and I hope you all get the odd chuckle also!  If you keep reading...I'll keep writing!

Thanks again! 


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Unique Baby Names! ( What Are we Going To Call This Baby?)

8:28 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  The countdown is on!  We have 14 days until Taddy's arrival ( yikes!) and I am getting super excited.  On a previous post (link here) I talked about the most common questions you get asked when expecting.  I totally left out one of the most obvious...."Do You Have Any Names Picked Out?"  Becky and I had picked up an awesome baby name book in NYC during our summer vacation and found the list of names quite daunting.  We should have known when the title includes "100,000 Baby Names", but we pretty much went through the entire book and discussed many at length.

 Some of my names were shot down immediately!  As my last name proudly comes from my Ukrainian born grandfather, I was hoping for a Ukrainian flavour name.  I liked the following...

  •  Boris...or I would have settled for just Bo.  ( Bo Byciuk...it sounds good to me!) 
  • Tatiana 
 Unfortunately, no one liked these names so they got quashed.  Poor me. 

 Becky had some issues with a ton of names we came across also.  She is an elementary school teacher and immediately vetoed any names of "badly behaved" kids she has taught over the years.  She has a mental list of names and told me that "So&So's are always bad kids"....hardly scientific, but Happy Wife=Happy Life!  She also does not like the common names that are so popular right now, which made the decision even more difficult. 

In Alberta, the most popular names in 2008 were:

Boys: Ethan, Jacob, Alexander, Joshua, Liam, Logan, Nathan, Matthew, Noah, Owen

Girls: Ava, Olivia, Emma, Emily, Sarah, Isabella, Sophia, Madison, Hannah, Chloe

The province has a website that lists all of the baby names registered over the past 10 years.  You can view it here if you are interested.

I am pleased to say that we have picked a name!  I cannot share it yet as NOBODY knows it yet!  I will say that while is it not strange ( at least I do not think so) it is not even in the top 1000 of popular names in the world.  I can't wait to share it with you all!

What is the strangest baby name you have ever heard?  What is you favorite boy/girl name right now?



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Having My Baby!

8:25 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  This has to be one of the sappiest, cheesiest 1970's romantic ( except for the strange abortion reference) love songs ever made!  My mom had this song on one of those old K-Tel Record compilations when I was a kid in the 1980's and the melody has always stuck with me.  I have this video on the side of my blog but thought I would share it here, partly because I am lazy and have no time for a well thought out, enlightening post, but mostly because it is just too darn cute. For those of you who were not brave enough to watch it then, enjoy!

 I kind of used this video to announce our pregnancy on the sly in the summer ( on FB) but most people did not get the pun.  Kind of self explanatory in my opinion. Knowing my strange taste in music, maybe they thought I was trying to push some Paul Anka on them?

 Does this song make you gag? ( My friend Shannon told me before she loved it!) What do you think is the cheesiest love song of all time? 


P.S.: Thanks to everyone that has voted for me in the FaveDad2Be blog award. I am still behind and need your help! If you have not voted, please click the link here to vote. ( It only takes 3 seconds!) Voting ends today at 12PM Central time.

Also, please tell your friends about my blog and join me on twitter/facebook!

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Six Months Smoke Free!

9:21 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

Oh Fred & Wilma! No wonder the baby boomers started smoking at 10 years old!

  After 15 years as a pack a day smoker, I have finally hit that six month smoke free hurdle! It was relatively easy to quit, thanks to the wonders of modern medicine! As I have little to no will power, I found that smoking cessation prescriptions worked just dandy for me! I tried both Champix and Zyban over the past tow years, but Zyban finally worked for me. ( Note: Champix turned me into a robot and changed my personality...but it worked. Zyban caused me to get NO SLEEP for a month...but without the crazy side effects.) I really do respect those who quit "cold turkey"!

  Do I still miss it? Absolutely! Especially if I am having a drink! I found myself contemplating having "just one little puff" a few times over the past few months, but held off. I know that once I have another cigarette, I will be back on Tobacco Road again for good! I must confess that I do feel better since I quit and really do not miss spending $300+ a month on those tasty little buggers.

  Why did I quit? Mostly because of my family! With my wife expecting on 12/31/2009, I figure that now was the time to make it happen. I also got sick and tired of being a social outcast and having to go outside like an animal when smoking in public. Whatever the reason, I am just thankfull that I no longer smoke.

  Don't worry...I refuse to become one of those "Ex-Smokers" that have that attitude towards those that still smoke. After all, I know where they are coming from.

Wish me luck for another 6 months!


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As of today- I am down 30 Votes! Voting ends 12/16/2009! Spread the word if you can! Thanks.

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What Will Our Baby Look Like?

1:05 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I thought I would follow up on a previous post that I did earlier this week, entitled "Your The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly"!  In that post, I wondered if parents ever thought that their kids were ugly or if anyone would admit to knowing and ugly child.  I was really impressed by the honesty of the comments and found myself laughing like a mad man while reading them. ( They are definitely worth a read, at the very least, you can rock out to Conway Twitty!) 

 As we have less than 3 weeks until "Taddy's " arrival, I thought I would use one of the fun software at http://www.makemebabies.com/ to see what they think our baby will look like?  While I know this is not scientific, I think it is just too funny not to share with everyone!  So take a look and let me know your thoughts?

Baby Girl:

 Odd? I do not see any resemblance?  Did I accidentally load a picture of the milkman?

Baby Boy:

 Ouch!  Kind of looks like that creature from the Goonies does it not?

At least we will now have this on record!  I cannot wait to see what the Baby really looks like!  I  hope that baby gets Neeta's features.

What are your thoughts?  Do your kids look like you? A mixture of both?  


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Friday Fun: I Miss My Drinking Buddy!

8:45 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

( Note: The lyrics to this song are sooo true! It is a new song, no "video" yet, but have a listen and laugh!)

TGIF?  Not so much anymore, lol! 

  In the old days ( before April...when Taddy was conceived) my wife used to really look forward to Friday's, as she could come home and relax with a couple of beers or a bottle or two of wine! ( Ok, I am kidding about the wine.) But since Becky became pregnant, this has all been taken away from her.  Not that she was a big drinker, but most of our friends will testify that Becky likes to have the odd social drink when we get together with our friends! 

 Becky has been joking that she "cannot wait until she can have that first beer", but then remembered that she cannot drink while breastfeeding!  Some people have been counselling her on something called the "Pump and Dump" which I find hilarious.  She thinks its probably too much work but I bet she is researching it on Google.  She is a real trooper, I tell you!

 Mom's, what was your experience with this?  How soon after baby's arrival did you get to have a celebratory drink?  Will she even want one?  Will she even care?  Let me know your thoughts!



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As of today- I am down 25 Votes! Voting ends 12/16/2009!  Spread the word if you can!  Thanks.

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You're The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly!

8:58 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

I hope Becky never says this to me!  ( Although I think its impossible that we would have ugly children, have you seen my wife!)   Does anyone remember this 1970's classic?  The lyrics are just too funny.  I remember my mom playing this album on Saturday mornings while cleaning the house when I was a kid and the song has always stuck in my head.  In fact, when I hear it, I can still smell lemon scented "Pine-Sol" even to this day...odd. 

 All parents say "we just want a healthy child", but me and Becky always throw a caveat on that cliche'!  She often jokingly says..."what if our baby is ugly...I don't want that"!  We heard a story about a new mom that actually cried when she thought that her baby was "ugly" and thought that was just too funny.  I hope that "Taddy's" features do not cause my wife to head into a state of sadness!  But like I said...have you seen a picture of us?  It is just not possible!   ( Note: Sarcasm...well kinda.)

We have been joking that Taddy will have the following features for sure:

1) Blue Eyes
2) Small Hands
3) A Uni-brow.  Yes, like Bert.  Sorry about that Taddy.

 We did get to see baby in an ultrasound this week and I am just pumped to get to meet Taddy!  3 Weeks!!

Have you seen any ugly babies?  Got Pics? 


P.S.:  Thanks to everyone that has voted for me in the FaveDad2Be blog award.  I am still behind and need your help!  If you have not voted, please click the link here to vote. ( It only takes 3 seconds!)  Also, please tell your friends about my blog and join me on twitter/facebook! 

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Weebles Wobble? My Wife is Going to Kill Me For This!

8:42 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

"Weebles Wobble But They Won't Fall Down".... HA! 

Hmmmm....They kind of reminds of my wife with 3 weeks to go until "Taddy's" arrival! 

Yes, Becky is probably going to have a good laugh when she sees this....then she will likely chase me around the house!  But the laugh is on her, because we both know that she is just toooo slow right now!  ( Sorry Neeta, I just could not resist.) 

 I remember these toys from when I was a kid and I must say, toys sure were simpler then.  And speaking of simple, how about that catchy jingle!  How this singer got hired for this commercial is beyond me.  He would not have made the cut on "Holiday Inn Idol" in 2009!  Marketing sure has changed, that is for sure.

  Anyways, I am just poking some fun at my wife.  Apart from the fact she is having a hard time....

  1. Getting off the couch. ( She can get down on it quite easy...coming up, well... not so much!)
  2. Getting in/out of bed.  ( She said the bed is "toooooo high".)
  3. Getting her Uggs/Boots on.  ( I must help her before she heads off to work. Have you tried to pull a pair of boots around a swollen ankle?  It is not easy friends!)
  4. Painting/Cutting her toenails. ( Which reminds me...I promised I would do this tonight!)
  5. Walking long distances. ( "Honey...please wait for me..I have short legs"!)
 While these things are (mostly) true, I am really impressed at how my beautiful wife is handling this pregnancy!  I just like to poke some fun at her from time to time, because that is how we play in this house.  She is a Grade 1 teacher and I cannot imagine how hard it is for her to be on her feet all day long.  She must really love those kids ( and her job) as she hardly complains, even though I know how tired she is getting.

 Anyways, I hope she doesn't go all "Tiger Woods" on me when she reads this!  I will hide the golf clubs to be safe!

What was your experience when pregnant!

Sing it!  "Weebles Wobble But They Won't Fall Down"....


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Do All Men Put On Weight When Their Partners Are Pregnant?

8:40 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

 I was thinking today ( over that handful of mint chocolates that my wife keeps eating) about my ever expanding waistline and wondered to my self... do all men put on weight when their partners are pregnant?   Is it just me?  When Becks got pregnant in April, I was rocking steady at 160lbs.  Fast forward 8 months...I am at a not so steady 181 lbs.  ( Yes, I am vain and measured myself at her doctors appointment the other day!)  I know the books all say that women should put on between 20-35 lbs when pregnant, which is all fine and dandy, but what about Daddy?

Becky and I have always been suckers for treats, but this fantastic diet has just exploded since she became pregnant.  She is not really craving anything strange, just sweets and Ice Cream.  As these are my two favorite things, I have been more than happy to enjoy them with her.  Besides, who am I to turn down delicious chocolaty goodness?  What kind of partner would I be if I let her eat these tasty goodies all alone.  I think it shows that I am supporting her needs throughout her pregnancy!  Anyways, I am 99% sure that this is the culprit for my 20lbs of added "sympathy weight". 

  It has gotten so bad, that I even asked Santa for a treadmill or stationary bike to help work off this baby weight in the new year as I doubt that I will have any time to go to the gym once the baby is born.  Besides, I don't even belong to a Gym, so who am I kidding!  All I know is something has got to give.  And it will likely be my zipper if I don't slow it down!

  What is a normal weight gain for men during pregnancy?  Is their a normal?  Is it just me and my lack of self control?  What do you think?


P.S... As many of you know, I made the final three in the Favorite Daddy 2 Be Category and I need your vote! Please click the link on my main page or follow the link here to vote!
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Parenting Class Adventures: Part 2. Hippyville!

6:08 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

We had our third prenatal class last night and thankfully Becky was able to join me this time! Class went pretty quick, the snack was tasty and well, the info was pretty much stuff we already knew. ( Damn you "books" and "internet"...) That said, we had a little chuckle from some of the "New Age" talk by our instructor!
 Becky and I are pretty "meat and potatoes" western medical science kind of people and some funny moments occurred during the instruction.  As I am a pretty big fan of this thing called the scientific method, I am not much of a fan of eastern medicine, but to each their own. During a discussion about breech positioning, the teacher had mentioned that as a way to move the baby, some people get a treatment known as Moxibustion on their baby toes.  It involves the burning of incense on the 5th toe of the pregnant mother, and while they are not sure why it works, it apparently does.  Now we are pretty practical people (and of relatively sound mind) and my first thought was..."sure thing, have another toke hippy" ( I didn't say I had an OPEN mind...) but I looked this up on the interweb and was shocked to find the following website! Who knew? 

 We also explored some relaxation methods through medidation and soft music, complete with the instructor reading from a well written script.  I said to Becky, " Lets pretend that we are interested in this kind of thing!" and we laughed. At least she got 7.5 minutes of massage time out of it!   Some classic lines from the relaxation script included " observe your breath without judgement"... and it really reminded me of a the beginning of hypnosis show? I love these relaxation CD's, especially the ones that sound like you are on the ocean or high in the mountain forest.  Where can I get one for my car?

 Anyways, I think that maybe I need to open my mind up a little bit to some other ideas? Have you had any experiences with this?


P.S... As many of you know, I made the final three in the Favorite Daddy 2 Be Category and I need your vote!  Please click the link on my main page or follow the link here to vote!  

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Baby Clothes Mountain!

8:45 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  I think the "nesting" stage is beginning here at our home! 

  Tonight, Becky is going through the massive ( and I mean massive) pile of baby clothes that we have been accumulating over the past 6 months!  I would show a pic of her on the floor, but it you would think it was photo-shopped!  ( That and the fact that it may lead to speculation on Taddy's sex!)

  During our trips to New York City and Great Falls, MT ( what a contrast!) this year, we had taken advantage of our American friends lower clothes prices and bought like we were shopping on "Black Friday".  Some of the deals were just too good to pass up. 

 Even today, I bought 10 outfits for Taddy... what is a Daddy going to do?  Becky is even worse than me and she is not known as a big time shopper.  We just can't refuse the cuteness, especially if it is on sale!  Anyways, she has gone through the pile of clothes and sorted it into piles based on age group.  Looks like we are sitting pretty for most of this stuff!

 Cutest lines of the night?  " Honey...this is what Taddy is going to come home in"  and " This is what Taddy will wear when we go to Grandma/Grandpa's for the fist time!"

 I love it! 


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Wedding Rings and Swollen Pregnant Fingers!

9:29 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  In an effort to avoid having the procedure shown in the picture, my wife had decided a few weeks ago to take off her wedding rings.  Not that she had much of a choice, as her "short and stubbies" were getting rather swollen anyways as she approached the 8 Month mark. ( Sorry hon...I could not resist.)   We have heard some real horror stories from friends of ours who had some problems getting their wedding rings off while pregnant, including the use of fishing wire and saws. 

This got Neeta and I laughing.  In a case of "social paranoia", Becky now thinks that everyone is looking at her "bare" ring finger and thinking she is a single mom!  Adding fuel to the fire ( because this is what I do...) I told her that I ALWAYS check the ring finger of pregnant ladies, and always feel sorry for the unmarried ones. Tsk...Tsk.. !  This is nonsense of course, but its fun to add to her self consciousness! 

 What is your experience with the whole Wedding Ring/Swollen Finger issue?  Let me know! 


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Parenting Class Adventures

8:59 AM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  Becky and I started the Parenting/Prenatal Classes offered by the Calgary Health Region last week.  It runs 2 hours once a week for 10 classes, which seems like a bit of overkill.  I have taken University classes that almost run that long, but unlike most courses, the stuff you learn in baby class may actually be practical.  ( I still cant remember how to do shift the "supply side" curve on an Economics chart.)  After attending two classes now, I thought I would share some random thoughts...

  •  I was actually surprised that Becky and I were actually on the "young" side when compared to the other parents.  Maybe we just look young ( or because we are just sooo darn good looking?) but I was shocked that the average age of the parents appears to be a few years older than us.  I guess people really are having children later in life now.

  • The Class should actually be called "What to Expect When You Are Expecting...Live!"  I guess we have read up a fair bit, but it seems that a lot of the material covered is common knowledge to me. 

  • LIKES:  Snack-time! Each parent has to sign up and bring a tasty snack for the break. Yummy!    Nutritional and fun.  It reminds me of grade 1! ( Ohhh..the Bananna Bread was good!)
  •  DISLIKES:  Parking.  $7 to park for two hours.  (No wonder our health care is free.) Oh...and the $200 course fee seems like a real deal to me? 

  • I love watching the reactions of the Dad's ( and some of the moms) when they show the birthing videos.  Thankfully, the hospital floor is sanitized daily, as a lot of our jaws hit the ground.  It is a little shocking seeing the video's, but I'll save that for another post.  Wow. 

  •  Attending alone.  Yes, my wife is a teacher and had Parent Teacher Interviews last night and could not attend.  Normally, this would be no big deal. Normally.  However, she missed the one where everyone rolls out the old Yoga mats and the teacher shows us the different birthing positions.  Try doing this alone.  I tried to get a last minute surrogate, but had no luck.  Sometimes its best to just watch and observe.  And take notes....lots of notes.

 I'll keep you posted after each class if anything interesting happens.

Has anyone taken these classes? What was your experience?

Oh...What the heck is Archie doing at a birthing class in the picture above?  Did reality finally come to Riverdale?

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Christmas Party Season...what a tough time to be pregnant!

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 I must admit that I am so proud of my wife!  As we approach the holiday season, I wonder how hard it must be for pregnant women as they cannot "partake" in the so called Christmas Cheer that is abundant at this time of year! 

 This weekend, my wife and I attended my annual company Christmas party and I must say, I was impressed.  Usually, she is so tired on Friday nights that she is usually down for the count by 9pm at the absolute latest, but she surprised my by holding strong until past 11pm that night!   I cannot imagine how hard it must be for her to stay up on her feet for 8 hours teaching Grade 1 children every day, never mind the fact that she is now 8 months pregnant.  I honestly don't think I could do it.

  Anyone that knows Becky can attest to her love the odd beer or glass of wine.  The fact that she cannot drink must make these Christmas functions all the more entertaining for her.  I can imagine that there is nothing as fun as sitting stone cold sober in a room full of half drunk office creatures.  That said, I am still shocked that she held on until 11pm as she saw that I was having a good time.  Now I must confess that I did not realize that it was that late and I was actually planning on leaving around 9pm.  But....you know how these things go. 

  I have a new found respect for women who trudge through their workdays and continue to have a social life late into their pregnancy.  I now know that this is not easy and I will look at my wife in a completely different light going forward.  ( And not just as the designated driver!) 

What a trooper!


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Next Step...The Nursery!

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  Wow, I cannot believe that there is just under 6 weeks until Taddy's arrival.  I had spent most of last weekend rearranging our home office to make room for the Nursery.  I had to move the old L-shaped desk into the basement and set up a new 160lbs Monster Corner desk that took forever. ( Note:  I am not handy at all, and the 41...yes 41 Steps were rather time consuming and often confusing!)  With this out of the way, we can now focus on getting the nursery done!  ( Exciting or what!!!)

First Step.... Colour!

We are kind of torn as to the colour we want to use.  The room now is a soft/light brown, which is ok...but dull.  Taddy's grandpa thought it would be nice if we changed the room colour.  His thought...new baby = new room!  We are looking at something neutral, and are kind of leaning towards the green colour ( not the theme though) in the Picture below:

This paint is called "Christopher Robin Swing" by Disney/Behr paints.  Our dear friend Jill had mentioned it to us and we had to check it out. 


We are still piecing together the furniture, but Taddy's grandma's have already purchased us the following sleep stuff!

 This is the Crib we have now.  It is still in the box, but ready for assembly once the room is painted.  We are looking for a matching dresser/change table, which should not be too hard to find. 

The colour should go nice with that green paint, if we go that route.

  Bassinet!  This will likely stay in our room as Taddy will sleep in this for the first little bit.  It is pretty cool unit and has music and lights etc. 

Taddy has the best Grandma's! 

Also, we will put the rocking chair that we just bought ( if it ever arrives!) from Costco Online in this room also. This chair looks super comfortable also

I must say that I am getting excited to work on this room this weekend! 

What are some other popular neutral colours?  Any ideas are welcomed! 


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Pregnancy Sleep...will she get any?

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  Oh my poor, poor wife!  With about six weeks left until "Taddy's" arrival, I have noticed that my wife is unable to get any sleep!  And anyone who knows what my wife is like when she is tired ( sorry Neeta, I had to throw that in!) understands that this just is not a good thing.  She has been going to bed earlier and earlier each night over the past few weeks, only to wake up every two or three hours and then finds herself unable to fall back asleep.  Usually, this leads to me being woken up by her constant "sighing", which usually means that she needs me to turn the Ipod radio shows on. ( You know, the old radio shows from the 1940's...before good old TV.)  This usually does the trick....for another two hours or so! 

  We know that once Taddy arrives, sleep will be at a premium.  Perhaps this is natures way of preparing parents for the lack of future sleep?  I really wish that I had a magic solution that could help her stay asleep all night long?

Any suggestions? ( And no, a glass or three of wine is will not work!)


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Shopping, Shopping and yes...more shopping!

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You have to love Costco.  Not so much the store, with its long lineups and $50 membership fees ( although I do get my money back through all of their free samples!) but I must say that Costco Online is another story!  I was amazed at how much baby stuff they carry online as opposed to in the physical store.  Here is some of the stuff we bought from them over the past week....

 This is the rocking chair that will go in Taddy's room.  We were looking around for a while for one of these, but Costco had the best deal. My wife loves the fact that it comes with that extra side table.  Pretty cool.

 This chair will get a lot of "cheek" time, so it is worth buying something comfortable.  I cant wait to sit in this chair and feed Taddy!

   Graco Video Monitor: 

   This monitor is the coolest thing ever.  We were looking at some standard monitors at the usual places, but came across this one at Costco as well.  It was almost $100 less than the price listed at Walmart.com, so we knew it was a good deal.  I have not used it yet, but it has a super long range and a colour monitor.   I can imagine that this screen will have our attention for a long, long time after Taddy is born.

 The technology of these monitors seem to have come a long way!

The pic below was not from Costco, but rather an impulse buy on my part. ( I guess there will be many of those types of purchases to come!)   I could not resist these creatures, as they were just too darn cute.  My poor dog Copper still thinks that they are for him, so I had to hide them! 

  Is it normal to get excited about the stuff you have bought, but not used?


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You have to love the most common pregnancy questions!

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  You have to love the most common questions received by expecting couples!  I wish we could get on the Family Feud game show and have this as the topic!  We would get the top ten easily!  Rather than go through them all, I thought I would look at some of the most common ones I hear...

 Do you know if it is a Boy or a Girl?   Everyone wants to know and everyone has a guess!  I love the methodology used by some of our friends. ( eg. You are carrying such and such, so it must be a ____ )  While obviously fun, It amazes me how these "old wives" tales make their way through the generations.  We want the sex to be a surprise, so ask all you want.....there is no answer coming from me, lol! 

 On this blog, I will often use "he and she" intermittently when talking about "taddy".  We are not 100% sure about the sex,  but I encourage any and all guesses! 

 Did you guys plan for this pregnancy?   Lol... I love this one.  I answer, ( and belief) is YES!  Becky's is a resounding ( and Quick) NO!  All of our family and friends were SHOCKED when we told them that we were expecting!  They almost all said "I thought you two were not having any kids together"?....  After a few years together, Becky finally had me convinced that we were not going to have any children together and convinced me that the D.I.N.K. lifestyle of travelling, extra cash and sleep was the way to go!

   I am not sure exactly what changed, but just before we conceived, Becky started talking about having kids.  Over the past few years, almost all of our friends were having babies ( or second kids) and we were almost the only "non-parents" left in our circle of friends.  Something must have clicked in her, but I sure am glad.  Some people say the pregnancy is an "oops", but I call it a "Future Prime Minister/Ex-Baby Model in waiting" miracle.  Plus, I was drinking that night, but I am sure that I saw 3 wise men and the north star in the field across from my home! Miracle, Fate...either works for me!

 OMG, are you excited?  

  Of course!  Duh....!

While these questions are pretty common, I am sure people get some real "doozies"...feel free to share!

Shane ( aka Taddy's Daddy) 

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Our Existing "Kids"... aka Fur Babies or Kattans and Pappans

3:52 PM Posted by CalgaryDaddy

  While "Taddy" will be Becky and me's first child, we actually have some existing kids around the house!  We like to call them our "fur-babies" or our Kattans ( Cats) and Pappans ( Dogs).... ( INSERT COMMENT HERE..lol)   We often wonder if they understand that they have a "skin-sibling" on the way?

 In no particular order, here are our pets!

Copper... ( also known as "Ernie", Ernie T. Muppet, Moo-Moo's and Ernie-Face.)

  We got Copper in 2005 as a baby.  The bond between Becky and copper is just amazing and I am sometime envious of the attention he gets, especially his constant cuddles on the couch. ( Ha!)   He is a mutt..(Bichon/Shitzu Yorkie-Poo)

He is also the smartest animal in the house, and loves to lay his head on Becky's stomach, which he runs to and licks when we ask "Where is Mommy's Baby?"... Too Cute!  He is addicted to Squeaky balls and stuffed animals.  We are not sure if Taddy will ever be able to have a stuffed bear of his own, due to Copper's addictions.  A January intervention may be in order.

  Roo:   ( also known as Rudy, Roo-Dee McToots or simply MacToots.)

  We have had roo since 2003, when he was less than one year old. Roo is a 30lbs. ( Becky swears that he is only 14lbs and apparently, so does the Vet) ball of fur.  He is a cuddler, as long as it is on his terms.  He loves to drink water from the sink taps and bang his bowls if the food is not to his liking.  He is a real sweetheart and gentle with the Dogs, even when they bully him. 

 Pebbles:  ( also known as Pebs, Ms. P, Pebble-d-poo and Mee-Mee )

We got Pebs about a year and half ago when she was around six months old.  She is supposed to be a "yorkie", but we think she is mixed with something.  Apart from admiring her runway model good looks, her favorite thing to do is lick faces and make the cutest cuddling poses on your chest.  Her other hobbies include bossing Copper around, stealing everyone's toys, barking at the Dog Whisperer on TV and going for walks.  She is a real sweety. 

Kanga:  ( also known as Angel-Face)

  Kanga was our first pet together and we brought her home as a baby in 2003.  She was a constant purr-er and loved to give everyone, especially her mommy attention.  She loved to wake you up in the middle of the night by rubbing her face all over you.  Her favorite activities were hissing at Roo and Copper and chewing cables and wires!  Unfortunately, our baby Kanga made a mad dash out of the house one night during a Canada Day party and some other family has taken her in.  We searched ( Becky still checks online) for months for her.  We will her and know that some family is pretty lucky to have her. 

As you can see, we have a whole house full of animals to keep us entertained.  I often joke that the animals have it better at home than I do, but I could not imagine our lives without them and I am so thankful for the joy that they bring Becky and me.

 If Becky ever doubts that she will be a good Mom, I just remind her that if she loves Taddy just 1/100 as much as the animals, he/she will be the luckiest baby in the world. After seeing how much she cares for these animals, I know its true.

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